Help me support kids in need

Thank You To My Donors

Tim Holden On Behalf Of B2b Technologies Pty Ltd

Have a great ride. Great way to raise money to help kids in need.


Laurence Basell


Robert Kelly


Steadfast Group Ltd


Jacqui Barrett

Well done Laurence - this is a great cause!


Chris Bovill

Well done Laurence. Hope you can stagger through to the end!


Frank Volckmar

Good on you for taking on this challenge Laurence! A solid ride.


Plan A Commercial

Well done Laurence!


Paul Tasker

All the best on the ride Laurence


Stuart Madden

Good cause great work, ride hard Bas


Malcolm Basell

Have a great ride. Great way to raise money for a worthy cause..




Julian Coates

Best of luck LB!


Jason Murphy

Good luck Laurence!


Mick Calder

Have a great ride. Good job getting the team together.


Chris Davey

Good luck, hope the ride has started well.


Todd Rowson

Good luck with the ride Laurence


Gordon Mccann

Best of luck Laurence - great adventure and cause!



A huge credit to you all and all the very best on your ride Laurence and Team.


Matthew Craven

Great cause mate. Enjoy the scenery!


Geoff Stooke

Best wishes for the ride LB


Tim Lele

Go Well Honan team. Hope it's a safe and epic ride with no road rash.


Ray Sieber

Have a great ride. What a fabulous thing to do.


Lewis Lee

It’s been great seeing the updates on LinkedIn. Good luck and all the best Laurence! Such a fantastic cause!


Abraham Kurian

Great work Laurence and team


Jake G


Danny Cohen

Great work LB!