Help me support kids in need

I am returning for the Chain Reaction Challenge after a few years break to give back yet again to the community and to support kids in need. I appreciate your support of me and the cause!
The decision to ride again is a big commitment involving getting fit enough to attempt the ride, raising money to support kids in need and securing the understanding of my family to spend time away from the house, training as well as undertaking the challenging ride. 
Please support in whatever way you can.   

My Updates

First Training Ride!

Great to be able to participate in the first training ride with new training kit, meet some returning riders and some new riders that will be coming together to help each other get this challenge done!

Thank You To My Donors

Jesse Brooke


Peter Chilman

Better you than me pushing those pedals


Brock Simon

Great to support you Kriston.


James Wilson

Happy riding Kris.


Alex Radloff

Good luck.



Good luck


Aiden Heke

Well done!


Marc Colella

Good luck Kris!!


Nicole Ward

Amazing effort - good luck Kriston


Susi Duncan

Fantastic cause…thank you Kristen.


Gay Chilman

Go Kriston