7 weeks of training left...

For the last 14 weeks I have been training for the biggest cycling challenge of my life.

In a little less than 7 weeks I will be packing up my bike and boarding a plane to Christchurch on the South Island of New Zealand to ride 1,000 kilometers in 7 days.

I will be one of 42 riders pushing themselves to their limits and cycling from Christchurch to Queenstown via the west coast of New Zealand's south island.

We are doing this to raise funds for 2 amazing charities that benefit children both locally here in Sydney, and Internationally in Kenya and Tanzania.

BaptistCare HopeStreet:
BaptistCare HopeStreet connects with families who are trying to overcome great personal trials, such as relationship breakdown, domestic violence, long-term unemployment, homelessness, and mental health or addiction issues. They also help families who are caught in a cycle of poverty and debt, and often have diminished choices and opportunity to break out of this.

So They Can:
So They Can's mission is to provide quality education to children living in poverty through improved learning conditions, teacher training and development, and inclusive partnerships with the community and in-country governments.

Please help me by supporting these great causes and donating on my fundraising page.

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Thank You To My Donors


Best of luck Kris!


Barry Foster




Well done Kris!


Joseph Mesiti

Go Kris!!!!


Adam T

Great work Kris and team.



Go well Kris! Awesome to see all the hard work you've put it!


Adrian K


Kerrie Croaker

There is nothing more worthwhile than helping others. Keep those legs pumping


Brett Porter


Richard Tomkinson

Mad respect Kris!


Danise Castro

Best of luck Kris! Hope you smash it and enjoy the beautiful sights for an amazing cause!




Jeffrey Hunt

Have fun and enjoy the journey.


David Batten

Have a blast Kris ☺️ I hope all goes well


Fabio Ramos

Just keep pedalling!


Benjamin Galea

Well done, Kris. Inspirational levels of commitment and drive. An amazing job so far and looking forward to the journey ahead


Kogila Kannan

Great work mate. Keep doing what you are doing.


Martin Pearson

Go Kris! Awesome initiative mate. You'll smash it!


Stuart Seymon

Good luck mate. Enjoy the scenery.


Dan Tomkinson

Well done Kris!


Sam Patel

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. Well done Kris!! Keep up the good work.


Luke J Collins

Best of luck!


David Johnston

Smash it mate


Jacob Estrin


Melissa Croaker



Great stuff Kris, super impressed that between work and family you've managed to cram this in too!


Pius Yang

Good luck mate, have a safe trip!


Steve And Michelle

Hey after it mate, wel done!


Flynn Hill

Nice work Kris


Dan Gordon

Good luck mate!


Scott J

Great cause Kris. Sounds like an amazing opportunity and personal challenge. Ride safe and hope you have a tailwind all the way! Scott.



Good on you Kris. Fantastic location and a great cause. All the best.


Nick Groarke

Inspirational stuff Kris!


Jithin Kesavan

Great initiative Kris. All the best.



Great work!


James Windsor


Reeti U

Best wishes!


Manny Santana

Have fun Kris!


Mykola Khivrych

Good luck mate!


Jian An Lim

Keep Riding :)


Abdullah Jobayer

Wish you all the best Kris!!


Deborah Beeston

Enjoy the cycling Good luck


Nicholas Liang

Great effort Kris, wishing you the best!


Helen Gabriel

A wonderful cause. Good luck Kris!



Good luck Kris!!!


Jessica Stylianou


Amanda Inglis

Great job Kris!


Jed Pittman


Gemma Johnstone

Good luck!



Good luck and stay safe