Kirsten Pike

Queensland Ride 2018

This will be Kirsten’s sixth Chain Reaction challenge (including the inaugural women’s ride) and with each event she becomes even more inspired by her fellow riders, overwhelmed by the sheer generosity of those around her and motivated by the difference that each ride has made not only for the children suffering/impacted but the very support network that surrounds them.

Kirsten is truly appreciative of your support and hopes that it will continue for this adventure.

Kirsten is a Partner in the Real Estate and Construction Team at DibbsBarker.

My Team

Charity Partner

Thank you to my donors



Gowdie Management Group

Half dinner amount





Our Star Rider, you'll do us proud!


Robert Hutson

Kirsten, great effort to back up for your 6th ride. Hope it is enjoyable and safe.


Kathryn & Gary Pike

Your strength and continued dedication to the causes that you support is truly a credit to you as a person. Best of luck for the ride.



Good luck!


Terry Crick

bet you can't ride backwards...


Richard Kelleway

I am sure all those nite RL's with real men and beer have given you the conditioning needed to move you from a domestigue to GC rider of your team...


Selina Gerner

Best of luck Kirsten!



I’m so very proud of you


Noah,landon,blake Frampton

We are so proud of your determination. We love you and wish you the best.


Ross Moschella

You're a champion KP. Sure have done a lot of charity rides since the first RTCC. Have a great week.


Brian Wood

All the best KP - another great effort!


Margaret Kerr

I admire your commitment to use your talents to help others. Good luck Kirsten


Cameron Mckenzie

Be safe and enjoy


Catherine & Jeremy White

My cycling hero dancing on the pedals once more! Those BIG climbs can only be conquered by a human with a BIG heart like yours KP. So proud of you making an outstanding difference to this world. Stay safe and enjoy the stunning scenery x


John Nicolas


Anthony De Domenico

Once again Pika, great work for a great cause!!


Jonathon Outhwaite

Good stuff KP. When it gets tough - just remember how much harder the TTT was in Noosa last year.


Melissa Bulow

You go girl!


Kirby Short

You know I don't understand how your body can do this, and equally, you know I think you are amazing.


Amanda Pham And Khanh Pham

Good work as always, Piker!


Jen + Mason Cowle

Sorry we can't make your champagne gala KP, and all the best for the NZ challenge.


Brad Bulow


Kevin Granger

Good luck KP, great Charity and I know you will be successful in the endurance challenge!


Matt Clark

KP, Just realised that I forgot to send you some $$$ this year. Congrats on finishing another year!!




Tim Keenan

KP, put me down for the 10 tix for the raffle. BTW, all the best for the ride!


Jude Coleman


David Leigh

Give 'em hell KP!


Bron O'keefe

So inspiring :) xxx


Pip Hold

a small gesture to show my admiration, and my appreciation for all the support you gave me on the CRW300 ride last year. Enjoy the ride Kirsten.


Lindy Mcauliffe

All the best for a fabulous week Pikey. Enjoy the scenery and climb every mountain and channel your inner Sound of Music songs. Great thing that you are doing again.


Adam Pike

Good luck sis!


Genevieve Stafford

Good luck Kirsten! It is fantastic that you ride year after year and raise so much money for charity.