Kirsten Pike

Women’s 300

Help me support kids in need

After the success of the inaugural CRW300, coming back this year to ride 363kms in 3 days from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast (and back again) was a given. In October, myself and 45 fabulous women, will take on this challenge and raise funds to support the AEIOU Foundation for Children with Autism and, namely, 16 young children and their families attending the Sippy Downs Centre on the Sunshine Coast where there is a $10,000 funding gap per child. This centre provides valuable early intervention programs for kids with autism to allow them to enter mainstream school and actively participate in their communities.

If you are able to do so, please give generously. It feels good!

To those who have supported and continue to support me with these endeavours, thank you for helping me change the lives of kids in need!

Thank you to my donors


Keep eagling chickens



You're a superstar KP


Claire O'rourke

Your proceeds from the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle. You might have sliced your finger, burnt your hand and had sore legs for days - but it was worth it, right?..... right??? #belikeKP




Richard Kelleway

Now you really owe me that 🍺🍺🍺 and ride with honour and pride


Gary & Kathy Pike

Yet another worthy cause. Only makes us proud of the person you have become.


Noah, Landon, Blake Frampton

We are so proud of you Aunt Kirsten!!! We love you!


Beth Berry

Congrats on another fantastic ride KP!


Victor Borzillo

Go KP! Ride safe


P Diddy

So 300km in a day? You might break a sweat KP .... push (as in people) hard.





John Barton

4 rides in 2-years - well done!


Jonathon Outhwaite

Good work KP and a great cause. Up there with that time you busted a fake doctor ;)


Tony Wilson

You’re a star, KP!!


Adam Pike


Kirsten Pike

Payment of fine


Lindy Mcauliffe

All the best Pikey! You will nail it!