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2022 Sydney 7 Day Challenge

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Chain Reaction Sydney 2022

Participating in a Chain Reaction Challenge each year doesn't get any easier but, no matter how hard it is, it’s easier than the day to day lives of the kids’ the Chain Reaction Foundation support.

Josh has cycled regularly over the years but his passion for the sport was nurtured through the Chain Reaction Challenges which are superbly organised and professionally executed, providing a wonderful opportunity to challenge himself, engage with like-minded people and make a meaningful contribution to less fortunate children through the Chain Reaction Foundation.

With three young children and understanding the tenuous nature of children's health, this opportunity to help children less fortunate than Josh's, ticks all the boxes for him.

2022 coincides with Josh’s fifth Chain Reaction Challenge, recognised with green stripes across the Chain Reaction jersey seen regularly on the roads of Sydney’s Northern and Eastern Beaches. Fortunately, Toga – Josh’s employer – has also come on board with a $10,000 corporate sponsorship.

Tasmania will be a tough Challenge this year with preparation constantly challenged by ever changing work and family commitments and the current Covid environment. However it is this very environment that makes the challenges for the kids in need all the more pressing, so please help Josh realise his goal of making a meaningful contribution to this year’s Chain Reaction Challenge.

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Josh - good to see you're still going strong! Good luck. Mark.


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Nice work Josh


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Enjoy Josh.