Jason Bettles

2019 NSW Ride

Charity Partner

I am pleased to tell you that your donations for the ride will be going to the Starlight Foundation.

The Starlight Children's Foundation helps brighten the lives of kids in hospital by helping them forget they're sick through the Starlight Express Room and 'Rocket Rounds' where Starlight Captains visit children around the wards.

Working in partnership with healthcare professionals, Starlight replaces pain, fear and stress with fun, joy and laughter. Starlight programs embrace the principles of positive psychology where fun is an important factor in contributing to overall wellbeing.

Help me support kids in need

Chain Reaction is the Ultimate Corporate Bike Challenge that raises money for sick children by challenging senior executives who have a passion for cycling and an awareness of their corporate social responsibilities, to ride a 1,000 plus kilometre course in 7 days.

Help me support kids in need by donating enough to make it hurt a little bit.

Thank you to my donors

Qbm Lawyers

Great work Jason. Time to ramp up the training.


F4 Partners - Karl Farmer


Nick Cooper

Go for it!


David Mccarthy Golds Salon

Go hard And good luck mate 👍🏾


Dane Hammond

Best of luck mate. You're a machine!!


Tod Gillespie

Good on you Jason, great cause, great charity.


Wayne Simmons


Anita Owens

Fantastic Jason! Better you than me though :)


Glen Archer

Good on ya Jase... I'm looking forward to the training rides!


Tim Gordon


Tom Forbes

Good luck on the ride Jase.


Morgan Lane

All the best


Paul Stubbs

Looks like more "Best of All" Cheers.


Nigel Nixon

You never stop. Definite winner of the "Good Human Award".


Nikhil Khatri

Pain is just a state of mind Jason! All the best.



Rip in and enjoy mate!


Robert Allars

Onya Jas


Ilana Beitner

Well done Jason! All the best for the ride.


Neil Fennell

Fabulous idea and a great cause - Good luck!


Velo Tours Australia

You are a good Man Jase, all the best


Daryl Van Der Graaf

Good hard mate


Caroline Sly

Our children are our future, it's a great cause. I feel your pain :)


Christopher Vertullo