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2023 Melbourne 7 Day Challenge

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Day 5 - Fox Glacier to Haast

We started with a detour to view the Fox Glacier, then some nice and relatively easy rolling down to Haast.  A couple of little pinch hills, but a recovery day to prepare for the big finishing two days.

Huge downfalls of rain in Haast in the evening. Hopefully the weather clears for Friday’s ride.

Day 4 - Hokitika to Fox Glacier

Another day of amazing scenery and great conditions.  138kms today, mostly cruising with a few tough hills to finish.

So rewarding to hear from the Monash Children’s team tonight, about the life saving equipment that will be purchased for the neo-natal ward, with the funds raised from the ride.

Day 3 - Arthur’s Pass

What a difference a day makes. Amazing weather and views. Some tough climbs but great team work got us over the line.  Legs are getting a bit sore…

Day 2 - Mightily Cold Monday

Rained non-stop from 7am until lunchtime today.  Incredibly windy and so so cold…

Last night we heard some amazing stories about the impact Chain Reaction has had, on really sick kids.  Inspirational stories that got me through the day.

Day 1 - Christchurch Loop

Day 1 Christchurch loop.  An early mechanical issue on day 1, found out my saddle broke on the flight over!!  Nothing JJ the super mechanic couldn't fix in about 15 minutes though.  Hot and a seriously steep climb to start the week (photo from the top of the climb).  Wishful thinking that the climb was over at every turn, but just kept going up and up!  Very hot day in Christchurch and hottest right when we hit the climb.  NZ sun has a lot of kick so need to keep up the sunscreen tomorrow.

Thank You To My Donors



John O’donoghue

Great work Jarrod I am tired just reading about it!


Michael Cunningham

Will wave to you from jacks point . Good luck


Graham Chapman

Great effort - good luck!


Natasha & Peter Noonan

Super star effort Jarrod


The Storer's

Good Luck Jarrod - it will be a massive achievement and for such a great cause.


Michael Webb

Best wishes!


Hallam Family

Outstanding effort Jarrod.


Nick H


Andrew Miller

Awesome effort mate. What a great cause


Melissa Dunn

Such a great cause! Happy to donate and leave the bike riding to you!


Paul Digney


Damien Berryman

Great work mate


Marcus Woodhouse


Chris Smith

Good work Jarrod and a great charity



Go shown ‘em a clean set of cleats Harro - you’ll be fine!


Kieran Le Plastrier

Dear Jarrod, What a wonderful service you are doing for Starlight, and couldn't support a better cause to minimise the trauma of severe and serious illness in children and families. Hoping the saddle soreness isn't too bad mate!


Ash Dl

Think of the 10 cents I’ll be donating for every vertical metre you climb. May that inspire you on your very worthy journey. Plenty of downhills to catch your breath…Excellent work mate..


Joyce Wong


Nigel Ewart

Awesome work mate.


Hamish Rodgers-wilson

Great work mate.., looking forward to hearing about the suffering and great moments


Chris O’brien


Andrew Bell

All the best mate, great effort!



Good luck Roomy


Katherine Harrington

To a wonderful Brother. so proud of your effort… keep going😁👍😘


Tim Maher

Enjoy those cold Speight's left in the snow/ice when you reach the mountain


Anthony Judd


James Pfahl

Good luck!!


Justin, Kathryn, Sophie And Vivi Anderson

Great job Jazza!


Mark Allen

Great work Jarrod for a great cause!


Blair Sands

Really worthwhile charity and I hope you reach your target - great achievement on the ride.


Paul Cheshire

Well done on the ride Harro. Awesome effort.


Andrew O'brien

Good work mate!




Fuller Family

Great job Jarrod and great cause.


Nick Power

Great effort for a brilliant cause. Good luck. 👍



Good luck Jazza


Jason Prebble

Thought you were a horse man, nope your a Lycra man. 😉


Shane Noonan

Good luck mate


Klitos Papasavvas

Great work!


Simon Naughton

Gosh luck mate



Go well Ijaz. Just like the murray marathon but 50 times better:)


Dave Goulding

Shot Jazza!


Steve Byrne

Amazing effort to do this Jarrod. Good luck mate. Bring me back a Central Otago Pinot. Only if you have time.


Nick Riordan

Show them no mercy Jazz - all the best.


Tim Webb

I’ll double it if you do it on a unicycle ! Go Jarrod!


Marea Judd

To our favourite son-in-law ,?best wishes for a safe and wonderful ride through the beautiful countryside of NZ. 👏👏👏👏


Luke Marsden

Awesome stuff mate and hope the training is going well.


Paul Delahunty

Nice work Jarrod


Wood Property

No flat roads in NZ 😂


Derek Price

No photos of you in lycra please!


Dave Crosbie

On ya Jazza. EJ


Clare Shelton

Good luck Jarrod!!!


Dave Thomas

Good luck JH on achieving your goal and reaching the mountain peaks.


Andrew Clements

Good luck Jarrod and good on you for putting your hand up for 1,000 kms of riding. Great effort! Best wishes, Andy and Mel Clements


Justin Cormack

“Ride Forrest Ride….”


Steve Harrington

Hey mate, those Kiwi hills can’t be any more of a challenge than the mighty Strathbogie climb. You’ll cream it! Go Jazza!


David Baines

Great work Harro


Jared Costa

Good luck Harro


Julianne Harrington

Take it easy darling ….love Mumma 😊


Brendon Gale


Danny Williams


Tim Mortensen

Great effort Jazza!


Matt S


Jordan Collins

Great cause! Hope the legs are holding up! Well done mate.


Nick Chandler

Have a lovely holiday Jarrod! Enjoy the fresh air and the handlebar sandwiches!


Matt Britten


Paul Sternberg

Good luck Jarrod! All the best mate on the ride. Great cause.


Adsm Ockwell


Minesh Uttam

All the best mate. Have a great ride.


Toby Simmons

Dig Deep!


Ourania Haviaridis

What an intense physical and mental commitment to something so amazingly rewarding. It'll be worth every ache. Enjoy the experience and look forward to seeing the updates.


Anthony Forster


David Picking

Great stuff Jarrod and have a safe ride. Enjoy the scenery!


Tony Davidson

Good luck mate, great work giving back. Hils, the girls and I will be sending you our support.


Emma Farrell

Awesome effort jarrod!!


Jade And Joe Recupero

Awesome work Jarrod.


Mahdi Maleki

Great cause and all the best with the ride!


Hugh Harrington

Good luck dad in the race, hope you do well and fundraise a lot of money


Brett Rigby

Good luck big guy!