Help me support kids in need

Chain Reaction is the Ultimate Corporate Bike Challenge that raises money for sick children by challenging senior executives who have a passion for cycling and an awareness of their corporate social responsibilities, to ride a 1,000 plus kilometre course in 7 days.


Along with an endless list of other occasions and events, the Chain Reaction ride in 2020 was unable to go ahead. I am now preparing (somewhat late in the day) to participate in the 2021 iteration, this time within NSW state borders, riding from Coffs Harbour to Sydney (I understand in a slightly more circuitous route than the highway).

Despite the 12-month lapse, I am still yet to become a senior executive and have yet to face a physical undertaking of this nature. My passion for cycling, however, is now a full year older and I will be embarking on this Chain Reaction having ridden 100km on at least two occasions. 

The funds donated last year were given to Starlight Children’s Charity, an organisation supporting sick children and their families. Any donations this year will be going to the same cause.

Starlight provides laughter and distraction for seriously ill and hospitalised children and their families. When a child is happy they are better able to cope with the stress and pain of illness. So starlight not only assists in providing fun, it can also lead to improved long term health outcomes and provide important support to distressed siblings of a sick child. If you have the time I encourage you to find out more about their work here: 

In the context of such widespread hardship over the last 12 months, and whilst my family and friends continue to live in lockdown in the UK, I feel particularly privileged to participate in such a spectacular challenge and to help raise funds for such an important cause. For the same reasons, I will be incredibly grateful for any amount you are able to offer.



Thank You To My Donors



Andrew M Ross

Having been given an extra 12 months to practice, I'm expecting you to lead all the way!


John Temple-cole

All the very best Freya


Matthew Fleming

Spokey dokes shouts be mandatory


Kate Conneely

Absolutely inspirational stuff Ms Riddel!


Bryan Pearson

Have fun!!


Jono Pruden

Good luck, Riddler!


Sally Davitt

All the best Freya (and second time lucky!)


Berrick Wilson

Freya, thanks for all your efforts. Enjoy the ride.


Matthew Weeks


Rahul Goyal


Ben Mahler

May the (centrifugal) force be with you!


Neil Hayward


Lisa Moorhouse

Well done, so so impressed but not at all surprised :)


Scott Langdon


Bill Psaros

Good luck FR!!!


Georgia Coutra

Good luck Freya!!! Have fun!


Sarah Jayne Farlwy

Well done Freya an amazing achievement!!!


Calyb Soekoe



Good luck, Bilal.


David Osborne


Wilson Lira

Go Freya! Amazing adventure and support for such an important cause!


Jenny Nettleton

All the best for the ride Freya - you are an inspiration!




Scott Kershaw



Urza Qiu

Enjoy the ride~


Josh Stein

V v impressive


Megan Roberts


Manon Heninger

Well done Freya - hope you’re having plenty of cheese and bubbles for celebrating!! Xx


Amy Gibbons

You are inspirational Freya - good luck!


Elizabeth Buchanan

Amazing work, Freya!! Can't wait to hear all about it when you're done!


Andy L.

Good luck!!!


Michael Baltins

Go Freya!


Tomas Lee

Don't forget we have a 50km run in the Blue Mountains two weeks after the ride.


Luke Deakin

Good luck and hopefully you're rewarded with a few good sunsets!


Nigel Carson


Helena Tran

Have fun, good luck!!



Go you good thing! Very impressed with your efforts!!!


Jeremy Weir

I'm not doubt you're gonna crush it!


Kieran Mathivanar

Good luck Riddler!


Sophia S

Go Freya! What an amazing effort!


Laura-rose Lynch

Best of luck on the ride Freya!


Anna T

Assuming there'll be obligatory cheese and bubbles on sunset each day to aid recovery... Good luck gal!


Fiona Macdonald


Julia Patterson

Good luck Freya


Amy Davis


Lotty Brand

Well done Frey-bird you maniac! xx


Cladonia Scerri

Well done Freya!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


Helen Daly

Yaaaay, congratulations Freya, fair play to you! 👏


Thomas Peacock


Betsey Kilpatrick