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I've no idea what I'm doing

I was tricked into doing a 1,000km charity cycle by a colleague. I'm glad I'm doing it for a great cause but slightly worried about how this will all unfold. Wish me luck 

Thank You To My Donors

Adam O'gorman

You the man Conrad! As Sean mention, lube would be wise! Kill it brah!!


Campbell Ford

Good luck mate. Look forward to seeing you walking around the golf course after this.


James Longley

Good Luck Conor! you'll smash it mate!



Great cause mate, hopefully the knees hold up!!


Alex Brown


Andrew Holmes Catering Ltd



Great achievement buddy. Hats off to you



What a ride.... good effort with challenge thing too


Jacquelyn Vinnedge



Kris Gaughran

Best of luck mate!


Hannah Knowles

Good luck Conor!!


Scayl It - Matt Miller

Well done mate - great cause!!


Vectec Team

Go get em Tiger


Conor Carroll



Top man, all the best x


Seamus Quirke

Don't forget a puncture repair kit


Matt Littlehales

Great cause great effort, hope you aren't too sore mate!


Nicola Eiffe

Best of luck babe!!! x (anything for a few days of peace!)


Alva Mckenna

Best of luck uncle Conor, love Isla xx


Alex Mcewan

Good luck mate, remember to get a picture taken next to the banana at Coffs.


Stephen Finlay

Good luck and God bless x


Neil Evans

Good Luck Mate


Barbara & Vincent Eiffe

Best of luck Conor!


Ross Lynch

A great cause. Best of luck with those hill climbs!


Ms Electrical Pty Ltd

Best of luck Conor


Chris Dawson

Good luck Conor- Its a great cause


Richard Cheng

Good luck, Conor. It may be tough, but all worth it for a great cause.


John Bourke

Love me a man in lycra


Sean Carroll

Go get em bro! Bring lube


Shane Bro

Best of luck bro


Maggie And Peter Carroll

It'll be a challenge but think of all the good your efforts will make to so many children's charities. Love, mom and dad xx


Adam Stocks

Hope you get sweaty balls.


Paddy Byrne

Well done mate


Anne Synnott

Well done conor


Avi Efron

How did you get us into this mess?!


Lee Senft

Loving your work mate. Keep them legs pumping!


Tim Mccleave

Great work mate!


David Milisavic

Good work mate, your legs must be burning!


Paul Rosham

Keep on pedalling, mate -you’ve definitely got this one!


Scotty Aitken

For the children


Lucy Ogrady

You can dooooooo itttt


Lizzie Floyd

Good luck Conor!!


Mr Larson

Best of luck shagger


Alex Lepore

Solid work mate! time to rest up!




Tom Allen

Go on son





Steve Bunting

Great work Conor All the best!


Maria Daly

Best of luck friend!




Iain Machattie

Go on lad!


Aamer Ainapore

Good stuff




Sean Finlay

Good luck C-Bone 🚴🏼‍♂️


Gavin Eiffe

Good man, Conor! Great cause and effort, well done!


Ben Wood



Aoife Royston

Conor, u legend 🙌🙌🙌


Lauren Foley

Good luck Conor :)


David Isaacs

Yes you can!




Kevin Bell

Well done SON.


Kellie Wheeler

Go Conor!



This is all I could get for selling my lesbian jacket


Kate Carroll

C'man PLC 💪


Scott Aitken