Cindy Vandecasteele

2021 Women's 3 Day Challenge

Help me support kids in need

Growing up in Belgium, bikes were everywhere and part of life. I have always loved cycling, as a means of transport or purely recreational. Since I’ve moved to Australia, I’ve discovered road cycling is my thing. You’d understand my surprise when I recently learnt that my granddad, who celebrated his 100th birthday in June 2021, seriously considered becoming a professional cyclist, before he started a successful career in accounting. Granddad, the k’s I’ll be doing are dedicated to you!!


I participated in the CRW in 2015 and loved the whole experience. Last year has been a really tough year, yet one that has taught me how incredibly strong and resilient I am when it comes to protecting my kids and their health and wellbeing. With my family back in much better shape, it’s time to pour that physical and mental strength into another challenge, one that helps other kids. In November I will be I riding 350km over 3 days with Chain Reaction, in the company of a group of wonderful corporate women. (Update: Due to COVID restrictions, our ride will now take place December 3-5, and not on the Gold Coast but around Melbourne).


We’ll be raising funds for The White Ribbon’s ‘Breaking the Silence’ program, supporting schools to bring about a commitment to stop violence against women. It builds on existing initiatives to strengthen a culture of respect and equality at all levels of the school community. The other charity partner is Traction, a charity aimed at providing an action-based program to improve the social and public welfare of disadvantaged and vulnerable youths typically between the ages of 12-15 yrs. 


The physical challenge of this event (day 2 we will be climbing 2,116 metres) along with its exceptional support to the health and wellbeing of Australian children makes this the perfect goal for me over the coming months. 


Your support would mean a lot to me and the charities. I aim to raise $3,000 by November. Many thanks in advance!










Thank You To My Donors

Chantal Block

Congratulations to Cindy and her team members for this fantastic project!


Carlo Vandecasteele

success with this fantastic initiative



Dit had je nog tegoed van je verjaardag!


Ashna Chopra

So proud of you Cindy.


Annette King

Congratulations Cindy on this wonderful initiative.


Claudine Glorieux

success in name of the belgian friends


Claude Petitpierre

Go for it!


Kartik Patel

All the best Cindy - great cause


Sarah Priday

Good luck Cindy and thank you for the opportunity to help you 'fill your bucket' and contribute to a good cause at the same time.



Keep riding, the world needs more people like you !


Cédric & Sophie Cornelis

Chère Cindy Veel succes!!! Congrats on this upcoming impressive challenge for a great cause. You can do it.


Kylie Magrath

Great work Cindy!! Such a fantastic cause.


Paul Cheng

Fantastic effort! Hats off to your dedication and resilience.


Marc Glassman

Go Cindy!


David Brajkovic

Great work Cindy!


Barta Family

Good luck Cindy! What an awesome challenge… wishing you tail winds the whole way xx


Helen Steve

Good luck and happy riding for an important cause Cindy!


Jess & Ray Mcinerny

Go Cindy!


Lenette Gear

Truly Inspirational




Geertrui En Michael Van Camp

A real Flandrien! Courage???


Jennifer Theunissen

Good luck!


Bart Coppens

Superb initiative. Enjoy the experience :-)


Lulu Hall

So inspiring! Go Cindy ❤️


Hellen Vien

Great cause, amazing effort! Best of luck x



Courage! #StrongerTogether


Aurelie And Andre Roberts

Bravo pour cette initiative ! Super mum :-)


Mel Honig


Younger Family

Well done Cindy!


Sally Collins

Such a fantastic effort neighbour and for such an awesome cause, well done! X


Mirjana Bowering

Good luck Cindy - such a great cause.


Mayank Beri

Love your story and the initiative. Good luck Cindy :)


Angie Beauvais And Nico Dansin

Go Cindy !!!


Gemma Horsfield

GO LEGS GO. Enjoy the ride and look forward to hearing how it goes


David Lumb

Good on you Cindy - enjoy that climbing!


James Heath

Great work Cindy!


Grant Powell

Good luck, Cindy!


Cherie Choong-dewind

Hi Cindy, I wished I was doing the event with you, but the next best thing is to cheer you on. Have a safe ride and a great time, while raising funds for these worthy causes. Cherie


Danae Croft

Good luck Cindy :)


Alex R

What a great challenge Cindy! Have fun and enjoy every minutes.



Succes in naam van Lien!!


Kate Menzel


Lolo Petitpierre

Go mum ? ;)


Sara Fleming

Great work Cindy :-)


Jacek Kowalski

Good luck, Cindy :-)


Amanda Strong

Best of luck Cindy!


Ian Stewart



proficiat zus!!! ?


Cindy Ristovski

Go get em CV!