chris callander

2021 Melbourne Challenge

My Updates

Some my known that my son has severe Haemophilia and we are in a lucky position to be able to take care of him, not everyone is as lucky. 

I feel privileged to support Chain Reaction and the charities it provides support to. 

Thank You To My Donors

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Jason Ward

Mate I'll be be watching. No slacking off!


Rowan Prangley

Awesome Job Chris! You'll smash it.


Brett Perkins

G'day mate, happy to help and good luck! KR Perko


Tom Ceglarek

All the best Chris, such a worthy cause! Cheering you on the whole way!!



Great cause and great organisations Chriso


Sam Zahedi


Tullio Salta

Great cause Chris, all the best


Brett Boog

Go smash it mate .. .great work , inspiring and a awesome cause


Sophie Fine

Nice work buddy!


Chris Martin


Derek Enderby

Good luck. I know you will have fun smashing this challenge


Rob Craig

Nice one Chris!


Frank Cunniffe

Great cause Chris, best of luck.


Nick Paddon-row

Good luck mate!


Amit Mehta

Well done Chris for doing such a worthy cause. All the best to you..


Aleksandar Vasilevski

good luck cobber!


Paul Fernandis

A great cause, well done Chris, I’ll back this all the way because of yourself


Adrian Mancini

Well done Chris, great cause to be supporting so strongly! best of luck.



Good luck little grasshopper!


Trev Lacey

Great work mate!



Good luck!



Well done Chris.. great cause!


Jim Marelas

Well done buddy. A great cause.


Prasad Burugucherla

Great Cause , All the best Chris :)


Kellie Wheeler