Ben Shrimpton

2019 NSW Ride

Help me support kids in need

I'm not a serious cyclist, so it's a decent challenge for me to ride a 1,000 plus kilometre course across a bunch of mountains (with over 14km of climbing) in 7 days.

The best thing about it is that we are raising a significant amount of money to support kids in need.

I spent a couple of weeks over xmas in a children's hospital a few years back when my eldest son was diagnosed with a life threatening condition, amongst children and parents suffering in extremely traumatic situations.

During this time I was lucky enough to witness the generosity of many great human beings, who attended the hospital to donate xmas gifts and their time for the kids.

So I hope you are inspired to give generously, knowing the importance of your donation to the Starlight Foundation to provide much needed support to kids in desperate need of help.




Thank you to my donors


Starlight is such a good cause.


David Kesby

good luck leading everyone the right way


Rosie Shrimpton

Good luck Ben!