Kelly Davey

2019 NSW Ride

Help me support kids in need!

I relocated to Sydney in 2013 after long stints in London and Singapore and currently work in a Technology strategy focused role at Macquarie Bank. After riding bikes and supporting various charities for a couple of decades, I've now found a way to combine both passions and this will be my fourth Chain Reaction challenge, having started my support in 2015 as part of the Chifley Highriders competition.

I've enjoyed every moment of the last three events and have great admiration and respect for the organisers, the support crew, the riders and more generally anyone who gets involved in supporting Chain Reaction.

Very fortunate to have a healthy three year old son at home, it’s important for me to dedicate some time and energy to helping to support other families in the community who aren't so lucky. It's a big commitment in terms of time though and I am incredibly grateful to my wife in particular who is very supportive of my involvement each year. And of course for everyone's support in helping us reach our fundraising goals :-)

I'm currently the NSW team’s token Kiwi - although with a bunch of new Riders joining this year's Challenge, I look forward to seeing if that is still the case!

Thank you to my donors


Go Kel - let's get this party started :-)