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Thank You To My Donors

Alice And Peter Thompson

Well done Damian - love from Mum and Dad




Street And Garden Furniture Company


Elizabeth Thompson


Matthew Tobin

Hope the ride goes well!


Simon White

Big effort DT!


Andrew Gutteridge

When you go Up the hill All you see is the hill When you go down the hill All you see is the view



Go you good thing


Monica Anthon

You're an inspiration to so many. Well done and enjoy the ride :)




Paul Druery


Helen And Greg Noble

So proud of you little brother! You have the biggest heart!


Pete And Martel Denham

Well done Damian! A great trip and a good cause. Loved the photos, videos and updates! M+P xx


Bronwyn Victor

Well done on completing the New Zealand adventure Damo!


John Ilett

Andiamo Damiano!


Nathalie Ward

What a fabulous route - one of the most beautiful places on the planet! Enjoy every moment.


Tim M Capes


Simon Thornton

Just back from the states and hadn’t seen your finish!! Congrats. Looked like an awesome ride and a great cause.


The Biasibetti’s

Well done Damo. What am amazing experience through beautiful country and such a terrific achievement.


Maureen Denham


Sue And Damian Colclough

Keep training hard D well worth charities are needing more people like you


Sod Design

I know it's a tough ride, but the scenery should be pretty easy to take in! Well done mate!


Martin Wiseman


Glenn Hay

Amazing thing to do, well done DT!


Matthew Nolan


Wendy Davies

Good luck Damian - hopefully it will be a lot of fun as well as raising important funds for kids who need it.


Jonesy (cfj)

Power on!


Nathan Merlano

Incredible stuff, this will be one for ages! Go get em' Mr Montoya!



Amazing giving back Damian, enjoy the ride with the tribe!


Shane Berry

Well done fella


Kate Freshwater

Huge effort !! Goodluck


Luke Trevethan

Good luck buddy. It’s a great cause. Well done very proud of you DT


Alan Chenoweth

All the best Damian - for a really worthwhile cause


Lauren Politylo

Go Damo, a great cause!


Husque Pty Ltd

Kia Ora Damo, enjoy the views!


Stephen Orr

Huge effort Damian, nice work! It looks like an incredible ride


Miles Daly

Go DT!


Damian Sharry


Sasha Paterson

Go Damo!!


Tj Joseph

Nice work Damo


Sean Cherry



Go DT Go!