Robert Bertuzzi

2021 Sydney Challenge

Help me support kids in need

I started cycling in 2012 after a weekend riding trails with friends.  I’ve been riding with that same group since and will join them in this year’s Chain Reaction ride.  That’s what cycling is to me; friends, exercising outdoors, seeing the world at a different pace, personal challenges.  There’s a bit of gear talk too which is always fun, though I get a bit lost with the benefits of a 90 mm over a 100 mm stem, or is it the other way?  Plus, cycling is a sport shared by many - where do you ride, what bike do you have – easy conversation starters. 

In my day job, I am a rock mechanics engineer and director of the geotechnical consultancy PSM, working in the mining and tunnelling communities.  As my kids were growing up, I got immense satisfaction showing them the tunnels that I was part of.  In truth, I still do and they’re in their mid-20s!

Which brings me to why I’m involved with the 2021 Chain Reaction Challenge: friends, a personal challenge (huge, really), travelling through country at a human scale and pace, and most importantly paying back and paying forward to the community.  My friend Richard Lewis was the instigator having participated on previous rides.  Richard speaks so highly of the Chain Reaction team, that it was impossible to resist being part of it.  My friend Andrew Bloxham is a director of the charity I am helping to raise funds – So They Can.  Andrew is passionate about its work and gets everyone enthused: “quality education to children living in poverty” to break the poverty cycle.  Being the beneficiary of education, So They Can’s goal is particularly meaningful to me.  My friend, Sean Mura recently joined So They Can as its CEO.  Sean is a business leader par excellence and immensely knowledgeable.  A solutions guy.  You see I had no choice really but to sign up. And lastly my friend, Vic McClelland, who is part machine and is truly inspirational.  Vic will get us all to the finish.  Make sure you check out their profiles too. 

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