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Bit of a late start to fundraising this year but the training input is up on the efforts of the 2020 event.  

Thus far I've been rolling around all parts of Melbourne (Seddon - Altona, Albert Park, Botanical Gardens, Kew Boulevard, Hawthorn Velo and the mountains out in the east and north) and country Victoria (Great Ocean Road and Bellarine Peninsula, Healesville, Mount Buller, Mansfield & Nathalia) in an attempt to gear up for the >1,000km Chain Reaction 2021 Course.

Just 50 days left until we roll out so time to get cracking on fundraising - not an easy task this year so I truly appreciate the generosity and support.

Cheers all


Thank You To My Donors

Eurofins Environment Testing Australia Pty Ltd

All the very best Paul, to you and the team. Such a great initiative shown for a very special cause. Great work!


Underground Services Detection Pty Ltd

Good luck to you and your team during this fantastic fundraising event for a very special cause.


James Mackenzie


Rhonda Chouman

Great stuff Paul and for a great cause. Keep up the good work!


Oddey & Laurs Goonan

Great stuff Paul - go well! Od & Laurs


Paul Sheehan


Mcdonald Harrison

Glad it’s you Pig


Andy, Jane, Sam & Elise

Good luck!


Richard Parker



Keep it rubber side down weapon 👍


Louisa Harty

Great effort. Best of luck.



Good on ya legend



Rip in Sheens


Dylan Smith (rubix.)

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals"



Don’t forget the rectinol...


Ed Waller

Great job Paul! Will not be riding with you after 50 days of focused training.


James Sullivan

Dear Sheendog Good luck! Not sure all that lycra will help 😂. We all love Sheendog the MAMIL 😘😘😘 Love from Liberty, Alice and Isabelle XXX


Stef K

Amazing effort mate!


Peter Solly



Flatout Surveying

Glad it’s you bro


Greig Kearney

Awesome mate. Congratulations on an amazing effort.


Judi Jeremiah

Congratulations Paul, well done Very proud mum in law


Marg Sheehan

Good luck Paul.


Justin Taylor


Sebastian Hams

good luck bud - great effort and charity work


Dan Atkins

Go you good thing!


Steve Coster

Great work Sheensy - inspiring ride for a good cause.


The Jards

I am donating this money to you in the hope you buy yourself some new clothes and stop wearing all these spray on lycra outfits from 1999




Ash, Cc, Noah & Itty Rojo

Good luck uncle Paul, you got this 🚵‍♂️


Howard Waldron

Hi Paul, Well done on continuing your excellent fund raising initiatives. Enjoy the event and thank you for your ongoing business support. Cheers, Howard


Chris Thwaites

Nice work Sheensy!


Josh Croft

Hi Pig


Helen Taylor

Good luck Paul and the team


Jason Clay

Good on yers Paul


Andrew Bomford

Rip and tear cuz!


Nick Thomas

Awesome work sheendog!


Karl Sutherland

Giddy up Paul. Good luck mate.



EAD Paul



Good luck mate, should be a breeze on the new 🚴


Rod Jeremiah

Mammoth effort kid - well done - 950 kms more than i could manage!



Good luck Sheensy


Matt Beasley

Good work again Paul!


Kath Potter

Good luck Paul!


Christopher Sandiford

Great to see those glorious god given glutes used for good S.Dawg! Awesome stuff.


James Hamson

Great work sheendog! you are weapon.


Rusty Yell

Good on ya for giving this another crack SPup !


D Walsh

Ride on Sheendog !


Hugh Forrest

Great effort Sheens


Andrew Elborough

Good Luck Sheendog. I have no doubt you will dominate.


Dunc B

Top work bro! Enjoy smashing out those 7 big days. Love the charities too.



Remember to shave down every single day



Well done!


Claire Howell

good on you - near killed you last time and then you returned to covid havoc - and yet you take it on again. Glutton for punishment or goldfish?



˙ʎnƃ ƃᴉq pɹɐɥ lloɹ


Freaky C


Matthew Bascomb


Lachlan Mellings

Great effort mate, hope you get through it okay!


Gus Offer

Go for it Sheensy!



Good luck Sheen!


Kieren Prowse

Love your work S puppy



pain now, beers later.


Isaac Graves

Should be no trouble on that new bike!


Steve Brazil