About Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is the Ultimate Corporate Bike Challenge that raises money for sick children by challenging senior executives who have a passion for cycling and an awareness of their corporate social responsibilities, to ride a 1,000 plus kilometre course in 7 days.

Chain Reaction is not a mass-participation event; instead it concentrates on selected individuals who want the physical challenge. In return, they benefit from a valuable networking opportunities and the immense satisfaction of directly helping sick children.

Since its first ride in 2007 Chain Reaction has raised over $15.8 million on behalf of its charity partners.

The Chain Reaction Challenge Foundation, ABN 71 790 713 995, is a registered Charitable Fund and is endorsed by the ATO as a Deductible Gift Recipient Charity.

Riders helping each other up the mountain



Chain Reaction's mission is to raise money for children's charities through the running of challenging
cycling events.


Chain Reaction recognises its responsibility to the greater community and believes that individuals working together can make a real difference to the lives of sick children and the charities that support them.

It challenges riders to use their standing in the business community and they are expected to use their networks to raise a pre-determined minimum amount in personal donations.

Riders and support crew participate in the spirit of camaraderie, teamwork and fun with each event completed as a group and not as a race.

History of Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction was founded in 2007 by Berrick Wilson after his daughter Milla was rushed to hospital with a brain haemorrhage when she was 2 days old.

Over the weeks that Berrick and his wife Caroline spent at the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at the Monash Medical Centre, they benefitted from quality care and attention from all the medical staff. What was obvious from the experience was that even in Australia's major capital cities, more can be done to help our sick children.

After Milla recovered fully, the experience drove Berrick to do something that would allow people in a similar position to himself to assist sick and hospitalised children. As a result Chain Reaction was founded.

Since 2007 Chain Reaction has conducted sixteen 1,000 kilometre rides across Australia and NZ.

Victorian Rides
2007 - Adelaide to Melbourne - 32 riders - $475,000 raised
2008 - Canberra to Melbourne - 38 riders - $773,000 raised
2009 - Tour of Tasmania - 36 riders - $651,000 raised
2010 - Port Macquarie to Noosa - 42 riders - $860,000 raised
2011 - Sydney to Melbourne - 44 riders - $1,048,000 raised
2012 - Tour of Victoria - 48 riders - $960,000 raised
2013 - Seven Peaks in Seven Days - 46 riders - $950,000 raised
2014 - Tour of Tasmania - 45 riders - $1,072,000 raised
2015 - Tour of New Zealands South Island - 40 riders - $1,153,610 raised

Queensland Rides
2011 - NSW Central Coast to Brisbane - 37 riders - $608,000 raised
2012 - Rockhampton to Brisbane - 45 riders - $906,000 raised
2013 - Tour of the Border Country - 41 riders - $790,000 raised
2014 - Grafton to Brisbane - 46 riders - $1,002,000 raised
2015 - Tour of Far North Queensland - 38 riders - $907,006 raised

New South Wales Ride
2012 - Gold Coast to Sydney - 31 riders - $1,006,000 raised
2013 - Melbourne to Sydney - 30 riders - $720,000 raised
2014 - Tour of Tasmania - 28 riders - $553,000 raised
2015 - Tour of New Zealands South Island - 30 riders - $791,795

Berrick Wilson with his daughter Milla

 Berrick Wilson with his daughter Milla at the conclusion of the 2007 ride